Shortest comercial flight

I think this is my shortest commercial flight ENGM-ENTO!

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U did that in training server 😂😂

Has nobody ever spawned in… and realized you need to spawn back out to change aircraft/livery? 😂


Yes I did, that was back in the good ol’ days of me being to lazy to do long flights 😂

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Me too i used to do KNNR-KLAX flights becouse I didn’t want to do flights I think uts called KNNR but its a small airport beside klax😂😂

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ATL-MIA in a delta B738

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Sounds fun in the TBM🤤

EGPH-EGLC is the shortest

My shortest trip was from the Taif OETF spectrum to Jeddah OEJN by Saudi Airlines 319 during the 20-minute flight.

Altenrhein (LSZR) to Friedrichshafen (EDNY) which was for a short time a real world route which takes you like 3mins over a Lake with an estimated Distance of like 5-10nm max between both airports


KEWR-KMMU. 3 minute flight.

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I believe Papa Westray to Westray or one of the neighboring islands is the shortest, as it lasts less than a minute.

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EGDD(Bristol)- EGLL(London Heathrow) in an A320

I did EGSS (London Stansted) - EGGW (London Luton) in a RYR 738 as a repositioning flight.

EGLL to Birmingham England in a United 777-300ER

That is an awesome flight. I think the best one.

KMCI-KORD a quick 40 minute flight E175 American Eagle it’s a really cool flight! Kansas City to Chicago.

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ZGSZ TO VHHH! basically takeoff to 3000ft and then immediately start the approach

LAX - PSP b737-800

KSBN-KORD. It’s less than 30 minutes and it’s a flight that actually happens irl. It’s always with a United/Sky west CRJ-200/700.

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