Shortest all 3d a350 or 787 route

i know this has been asked before but most of the short ones aren’t 3d pls help

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Infinite Flight is working on adding more 3D airports, and there are plenty of short routes with 3D airports.

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but not a lot of some short a350 routes

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There aren’t specific routes you are forced to fly. You could do Frankfurt to Geneva for example. Or LAX to SFO.

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The shortest A350-all-3D route I know is London Heathrow to Madrid. Actually in theory I know a shorter one: Munich to Frankfurt or vice versa with the Lufthansa A350. The LH A350 often flies that route due to repositioning, but it happens every week or so. Flight time: 30 minutes

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I agree, Infinite Flight is currently working on bringing more but here are some route suggestions:

I know this isn’t much but I’ll find more.

A good 787 route could be Toronto to Kelowna, although Kelownas’ runway is a bit short

Just researched and found a few:

OTHH - OMDB (Qatar Airways)

LFPG - EBBR (Ethiopian Airlines


AC also operates their 787 from YVR - YYZ YVR - YYZ

Yeah and sometimes YUL - YYZ

You can make a ferry flight from EGLL to EGKK

Doha To Dubai, Qatar Airways, you can use either aircraft on that route, since QR flies all of their fleet to DXB except for the A380.
OTHH—>OMDB, approximately 45 minutes long!

You could do what everyone does, KLAX - KSFO

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Air Senegal flies from JFK-BWI on the a330neo

real routes*

those are an a35k =\

It’s for all of QR’s fleet with the exception of the A380.

DXB-DOH, OMDB-OTHH. If I’m not wrong, sometime or the other, Qatar did operate both the 787 and A350 on this route.

Most of Asian carriers use A350 and B787 for short routes. However we don’t have much 3D coverage for those routes yet :(

They don’t just use A35K lol

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