Shorter flight times than irl

My flight times are always shorter the what its listed as in the real world. Does this happen to anybody else, and why?

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Are you using realistic cruising speeds for different types of aircraft? Winds can also change depending on the date & time on the flight you are recreating.


Yeah I am, maybe I’m accelerating too fast or something

After 10,000ft what speed do you tend to accelerate to?

You might be going too fast. My flight times are always within 10 minutes difference with the real life sector

Depends but ~290

If you’re matching cruise with the aircrafts IRL it’s probably

  1. winds aloft being a little off, even 5 or so knots can add up after a long flight

  2. accelerating too fast between 10k and 28k feet when departing

  3. not slowing down fast enough between 28k and 10k feet when arriving

  4. not having to accommodate for other traffic at the arrival airport, generally IF is quite empty


My (short) flight time almost always match what fpltoif gives right before the flight by the minute, but I climb by power/trim/Vs rather than IAS. When descending, I usually drop power at 15000ft to about 22% (airbuses) and let the speed drops gently towards 250kt rather than deploy speedbrakes. I then slow down similarly during approach.
Given what I see around me, most pilots climb and descend too fast, which is probably due to IAS flying.
My two cents if course!

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