Shortened Subscriber Term

Hi, I know this may seem minor, but when I subscribe, it always provides me with one month of Infinite Flight Live, which is normal. It’s always from the 29th of every month to the 29th to the next month, but when my subscription was renewed on January 29th, I checked the subscription and it said that my subscription ended on February 28th instead of March 1st. Sorry if this seems like a non-issue, but I pay a significant amount of money for a full month, and every day counts for me.
Thank you

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You are purchasing a subscription that gets renewed on the 29th of every month. You are not really losing money with that day. Some months have 31 and some have 30, same logic applies with counting days. The number of days in the month do not matter.


The year is broken into 12 months some of those months have 30 days some have 31, one normally has 28

It all evens out long term

I understand, thanks a lot :)

Thank you for the clarification


I think we answered at the same time 😁 Glad Its put your mind at rest 👍