Shortcut from Airspace Status to Airport Selection

You are sitting somewhere and want to quickly fly. You pull up the airport search, search for the airport, and then look for a spot. But what if you want to easily spawn at one of the controlled airports listed in the status page?

Allow for double pressing on the airport name will open the airport in the airport selection screen. Double pressing is suggested to prevent unwanted windows opening.

For example, double pressing on HECA would open the existing airport selection screen to the HECA airport.

This would allow for quicker launch to spawn times to get pilots on their way.

I like the idea!!!

Definitely got my vote!!!

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This would definitely speed up the process of launching into the game.

You have my vote.


i love this idea and the feature. I think its always a pain to navigate to a spot, find a gate, and adds a few seconds of weird inconvenience. Lazy? Maybe. But i still think this would be a great feature.


Looks like a nice, simple and a quite handy idea. I usually don’t mind searching for an airport during my free time.

I am out of votes currently. If I have one to spare I’ll drop one above. 👍

Good idea thank you

Great idea! You got my vote!

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My last vote goes to this!
GREAT idea we need this

You got my vote, very useful, I’d love to see this added. Its sometimes a hassle to look at where ATC is, and then try and find it, and then look at gates and aircraft and callsigns and then spawn in. But with this, this could make life so much easier.

Also use for ATC

Nice! Might be interesting to see implemented

Added into app