Shortage of pilots (Wendover Productions)

This is an amazing video, I can’t belive it’s true.

He even mentioned the cancellation of the ORD-MHT route due to short staffing, and I will say, MHT-ORD was a very profitable route!


Wendover is one of the bests


Yep. There’s expected to be a global shortage of pilots in the coming years.


But it will take years. Right now, airlines treating pilots like sh**. Pay for everything, low salary and no life work balance. I spoke to many of the recruiters in different airlines (EU) and they are aware of this, BUT on the other hand the controlling of this companies is searching for cost optimization.

In the last years, I hear it a couple of times per year and the only advantage is, getting kids to spend a lot of money to flight schools.

If you really wanna become a pilot, I would highly recommend to finish university, get a job and pay for your training by yourself.

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(RL pilot - been there, done that)


I’m hoping to become a pilot for A319, 20 & 21 in 5 years. Also I hope that the issue will be fixed because it’s not fair on the pilots

Wendover is one of the channels I keep refreshing the latest uploads page for every 2 weeks, he provides a lot of info in the short ammount if time so you get a grasp of what he is explaining. For the video, I believe that airlines should increase pay to a bare minimum of 45k a year, that way, they could pay off their debt in about 2 years if they do a 17 hr work week, then getting that seniority to become a long haul pilot. (Correct me if my math is wrong, just did it on the spot)

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Ugh, the video is amazing, I’m just upset on how bad people are treated.


Hopefully when us teens grow up, we can become pilots!


now THIS is what we all need to be. Pilots.

Well that is just what I want to be…

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He is 100% right. Really the only thing that’s holding all of us back from becoming pilots is the money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for college and the training and courses. In the U.S. where I live, the low starting pay at small regional airlines isn’t a big incentive to become a pilot, even for the love of aviation.

I think the best way to go would be to wait a few years until the airlines become REALLY desperate, desperate enough to begin paying for a lot of the training fees for aspiring pilots.

He said this perfectly “There are thousands of people who are pilots but there are millions who want to become pilots.” The bottom line is that flight training is just to expensive to meet demand.

The US aviation education program is too expensive and too underpaying for regional airlines.

Very interesting and informative video as well as all of other Sam’s videos

One thing is for sure, the pilot shortage is real. There are ways to get flight training cheaper, but they can be hard to come by. I have a plan, I want it to work, if it does, it will be amazing.

I thought the video was very informative, and gave me some great insight as to why this was happening, as I really wasn’t sure before.

Meanwhile, ‘Real Life Lore’, the closest channel I can compare it to, is now doing videos like 'WhAt iF tHeRe wAs A bAtTlLe RoYaLe GaMe In ReAl LiFe?


Trust me, pilot shortage would be a thing-of-the-past if someone could just lower the cost for flight training schools. 🤦‍♂️

Think of the future:Robots flying planes. We already have things such as autopilot and autoland. The only flaw is if the computer gets hacked.

Not really, the only flaw is that the computers are programmed by humans and can’t think, deduce or have ‘experience’. Believe me I’ve had autopilots do some pretty weird things on me and then drop out when they reach their limits. Triple charge :- ‘over to you human’

As to the pilot shortage, after 30+ years in the aviation industry, I have heard of the ‘shortage’ probably every year from someone, most often training schools/companies. Oddly enough I think it might actually be real this time.

Companies are pressurising their crew ever more. The work life balance has been destroyed. Pay is creeping lower and lower based on misguided managers believing that the automation that allows us to concentrate on the bigger picture rather than the minutia makes us dumb systems managers. The cost of one hull loss is astronomical compared to the costs of retaining skilled motivated flight crew but this is a difficult concept to get across to managers who have to hit annual targets and then ‘move on’. Home time is destroyed as duty times creep up and you return home knackered after another long dragging day.

Behind all of this is the idea that as the majors are not having ‘too’ much of a problem recruiting that the current system of getting ‘wannabees’ to pay for training that the companies should be providing is acceptable.

Sadly the only way to buck such a trend is when those who desire to fly in the aviation industry stop paying for schemes thus forcing the major companies to re-invest in their staff and provide the training that they used to provide.

Unfortunately we live in a competitive world and, those of us already in the industry, full understand that those new joiners will often pay and do what ‘they’ feel is necessary to get them that job ahead of their peer rivals. It’s a vicious circle that immoral accountants and managers exploit to reduce their costs and exploit yours!

Hopefully there might be change on the horizon as China starts to soak up masses of flight crew on short term lucrative contracts, the middle east carriers implode due to lack of staff thanks to poor terms and conditions and the European and US carriers see the regional DEP (direct entry pilot) and Military sources dry up.

Aer Lingus (part of the IAG group) has finally started offering fully sponsored courses. Fingers crossed that other carriers start following suit.

Good luck!


I know somebody who came from nothing and is now a Captain. He used to donate plasma while in aviation school to stay just a little more afloat. Lesson: If you want it, you’ll find a way.

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yeah haha I saw that. it was sponsored by pubg.

Wendover produce some fantastic films about aviation. Extremely interesting and very informative!