Short-Term Conflict Alert for ATC


Image by Hinnerk Eißfeldt via ResearchGate

Hello IFC, today I’m proposing the addition of a conflict alert warning for radar controllers on Infinite Flight. The short-term conflict alert (STCA) is a system that alerts controllers of convergence of aircraft that will infringe on the required separation minima using a visual cue on the radar screen accompanied by an audio signal. The alert is typically generated within 2 minutes of an estimated conflict. I’m surprised this hasn’t been considered by many yet, but I think it would be a valuable tool for IFATC and training controllers alike to prevent conflicts. We are all human and make mistakes, but we can always make an effort to prevent them!

yes would be nice, happened to me at KSFO yesterday after being told to go around 4 times (on expert)

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This is a terrific idea. Would help situational awareness in a congested airspace, especially when an aircraft fails to follow instructions in a timely manner.