Short spotting session at Vienna Int'l Airport

Hey eveybody,
Today I flew from Miami (KMIA) to Hamburg (EDDH) with a stop over in Vienna (asorry but i don’t know the ICAO code for this one). Both flights were with Austrian Airlines. I couldn’t really take any pictures on the long haul flight because I had a seat in the middle😣. Any how on the one to Hamburg I got to take a lot of pictures. Here are some of those:

Swiss Air a321 getting loaded up for departure.

Qatar Airways B787 also getting ready for departure

For all the Dash-8 fans, here is one rotating off of the runway

Asiana Cargo B747 roaring down the runway
A Fokker 100 parked on one of the remote aprons
The view from my window seat

A Germanwings plane at the remote apron at EDDH

A Malta Airways a320 parked at the terminal At EDDH

And the last picture. A beautiful retired Lufthansa aircraft. Sorry don’t know what aircraft that is.

Sorry for the very long post :/

Edit: The plane in the last pic is a Boeing 707. Thanks @Boeing707 for the clarification :)


Last image looks like a Lufthansa Boeing 707-420

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It is. I looked it up. Quite the beautiful plane :)

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Thanks :) Flying to Miami, it was a b772 but coming back it was b767


For a retired aircraft, its still very well maintained. It also looks like a Boeing 720.

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It is very well maintaned. Lufthansa has their main techinal hangar at Hamburg Airport, so I think they make sure it always looks fresh and good ;)

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Love Austria, when you go there (in summer) it’s either tipping it down with rain or gorgeous. And that can change quickly.

Hope to get some pics at LOWI later this year :)

Do you know what the 707 is used for there?

The 707 is just there as a display. It has no actual use anymore :) @Winner580


That’s what I figured, thanks!

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I love the Fokker 100, top class image.

Trust @Boeing707 to guess the ‘mystery’ aircraft.

Thanks for the positive feedback :). And yes, the Fokker 100 is a great plane

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Ahhh good old Vienna!
But why did you make a stopover in Vienna?
LHR, FRA, (MUC) would be so much closer to Hamburg or at least on the route.
Now you flew all the way down to Vienna and back up to Hamburg

Because of Austrian Airlines, and how cheap their flights were😉.

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