Short sectors on A321-200

Captured beautiful shots


Nice shot! But this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos category :)

As @applepro243 mentioned this should be in #screenshots-and-videos. Please change this!

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Nice photo!! Love it

But why comment the same thing if you literally said it was already told him.


Nice shot! As you can tell by my profile picture, I really like that perspective!

Just a friendly reminder. There’s nothing wrong with it and no reason to get upset. 😊

I am getting upset with people doing forum police. There is a difference between helping out and pointlessly commenting on things that were already commented on. Not upset about the intention but the unnecessity that just makes this an unpleasant experience for the people involved.


Honestly I don’t see this problem and why this has become such a big thing, but let’s leave it here😂

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