Short Ruways are for landings only

It’s kind of irritating when youre going for a take off at an airport like KLAX which has 4 runways, and you have to wait to takeoff because the atc put an inbound play to land on a runway that is supposed to be used for takeoff. In real like the longer runway is used for takeoff while the short runway is used for landings. ATC personel please get this right and stop making that mistake.


This is not necessarily a mistake, there is no rule that ATC must follow real life runway procedures. The ATC may be using 24L/R for landings and 25L/R for takeoffs etc, you may have taxied to the runway that they had established for landings and that’s why you may have had to wait.

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Im not saying its a rule, its very time consuming for pilots on the ground. It would be a lot smoother and fast paced.

Correct, but I’d like to stick to real life procedures aswell.

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So would I, but we can’t expect each controller to know the current runway usage for each airport, especially on the playground seeing as anyone (even young children) could be controlling

I agree :) If traffic flows I’m fine with it

It’s unfair for the people on PG with 140% load to land on a small runway. ;)

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The main problem of LAX is that most of the users pop up in the Cargo Area, since its parking spots are first in the list. All those planes are obviously going to take off from the shorter 07R/25L.


What you said about long runways for takeoff and short runways for landing is false at some airports like KDEN. On a normal day they would use 16R for landings (mostly) which is a 16,000 ft runway. The rest are 4,000ft shorter.

You’re wrong, takeoffs require more runway length than landings.
At DEN all runways are very long, 16R/34L is used for landings as it’s an outer runway (referring to the terminals), just like 17L/35R.

Notice how I said KDEN. I didn’t say ALL airports. And you are right as well.

Well mybe you should try lowering your load simple.

This isn’t true, I’ve flown out of and landed at LAX hundreds of times and have taken of and landed on all of the runways regardless of which side.

It’s a joke, mate.