Short Runways

Earlier today I was flying a CRJ-9 from KDCA-KPHL. I was told to taxi to runway 15 at KDCA from the ground controller. I requested takeoff, and then half way through the takeoff I realized that this runway was quite short. I nearly overran, but luckily made it. I thought the ground controller would know that this runway was too short for a CRJ-900.

Glad you made it down safely. Also I don’t think this belongs in #atc

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If you were half way through the takeoff you probably should of stopped since you had doubts. Was this on the expert sever?

Yeah. This was on expert

I would contact the controller who was controlling so they can explain to you what happened.

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Ok. Thanks for your help

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there’s really no point. He didn’t get ghosted so why would you make your life and the controllers life harder by getting into a discussion like that?

Incase the controller made a mistake, or he did something wrong. I think it would be better to learn from your mistake than do it again.

You are correct, the takeoff distance for the CRJ-900 is 6,360ft and runway 15 is 5204ft long. If you could provide the time you took off in UTC (timezone) from your replay then we’d be able to contact the controller with your feedback.

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I took off at 14:20 UTC and my callsign was Blue Streak 821

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I mean I took off at 14:21, not 14:20

@PlaneGeek will contact you via PM. :)

Ok thanks so much

Don’t be so negative man. It can also be a learning experience for the controller and the pilot. Both benefit from this.


No, I’m just saying that there’s no point in such a small issue :)

Feedback is always appreciated, small or big.


It is an issue since he nearly overran the runway. He just wanted to get help.


Carry on in a PM, please :)

The issue was already solved in our PM. No need to continue here

I’m talking about my conversation with @Philippe_Gilbert.