Short Runway

Hello guys!
So recently I wanted to fly planes at the shortest runway in Infinite Flight but I couldn’t find it. I know there was FE7 but it got removed. It would be great if anyone could tell me a runaway shorter than 1ID9. It would be great if someone could reply to me since my subscription ends THIS Friday.
Happy landings, and have a nice day

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That would be SABA (TNCS) the Dutch Carribbean island

That’s the shortest commercial runway. Shorter runways definitely exist.


it would be not realistic but there is a flight path park near CYVR, and there is a very short runway

And it’s 3D so it’s even better

You know the airport icao?

I’m pretty sure 1ID9 is the shortest runway in the world.

I think it is, but I’m wondering if there’s anything shorter in IF

Welp, time to go through all 35,000 airports in the game to maybe find another rnway thats shorter

I found one but i had to fly from EGNT Newcastle to get there there’s two runways IF hasn’t modeled it but its Eshott airfield united kingdom it isn’t very short but i’m sick of Saba now so it is fine i guess

only if we had WA41 in this game.

We do, but it has a pretty long runway

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oh yeah we do. There is one that has a littile concrete part and then rest grass. I can’t figure out the codes of my known short runway

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