Short Routes


I thought I would share some of my shorter favorite flights with all of you, seeing as I live in the Calgary area most of these will be in and around the west of Canada.

CYYC-CYCG: 52 Minutes
CYYC-CYEG: 48 Minutes
CYYC-CYLR: 58 Minutes
CYYC-CYQL: 40 Minutes
CYYC-CYLL: 56 Minutes

Most of these airports can only handle up to a CRJ, except for CYLR as it is an international! Happy flying!


This should be in #live. I also think this will be closed because of the amount of similar topics that have been closed, all with the general topic of “Favorite Routes”.

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Apart form being in #live, it’s a good idea.
You can make a wiki, so people can add routes from airports in Canada from different airports, or add some of these in:

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Oh didn’t know about the thread sorry 🙁

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It’s fine, your fine here.

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