Short range aircraft


I would really appriciate short range aircraft such as the Dash-8 to give the simulator a more realistic feature. Most or all possible flights in this game wouldn’t require a 747 or even a 737. I know I want to be more realistic and have reasonable aircraft.


Short range aircraft in the game are pretty much the Boeing 717 and Boeing 737s, least until the Airbus A320 comes out…

The Amsterdam region is a good place to get some realistic routes in. Some could be run with a Boeing 757-200 (MAYBE). Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, CR2 here.

London has some (I can recall only one but there has to be more) routes. Boeing 757-200 can be used for one IIRC. Boeing 73G, Boeing 738, CR2 here.

Honolulu region has tons of realistic routes. Use a Boeing 717-200, Bombardier CRJ-200, or Boeing 737-700.

SoCal has one if LAX-SAN counts. Probably a CRJ-200.

Denver if DEN-COS counts. Probably a CRJ-200.

Charlotte I’m pretty sure has one. Does the map have Greensboro? That’d be a CR2.

South Florida and Sydney both have some. CR2s and maybe a 712 for Sydney.

Does Paris have any routes? (Is BOD or MRS in the region?).

Singapore has the obvious SIN-KUL.


Hope this helps-There are tons of realistic routes, but you gotta look long and hard for them. That said, a Dash 8 or ATR would be a huge help given the fact that the Cessna 208 Caravan has gotten kind of boring (It’s so slow). Whole slew of new routes could be possible with a small turboprop.

Best, Boeing707


Ok thanks. I was suggesting the Dash-8 because it would be something new to the game. I am looking forward to use the a320 on the SIN-KUL route but I personally do not like to use the CRJ when I fly from LAX to SAN which is my normal and preferred flight, so I thought something like the Dash-8 made sense. I hope this explains what I was really trying to get out of it.


Alaska Airlines, Portland - Seattle daily using the 737s.
But I’m waiting for the Dash 8 for more realistic regional flying, Westjet livery would be appreciated :)


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Delta flies Embraer ERJ 175 between LAX and SAN.


Yeah; some more GA aircraft and short range commercial planes would really spice up the sim, I think. There are plenty of props that could fill this role.


In general, we need more small regional aircraft.

The CRJ-200 does an ok job, but there are some flights covered by other aircraft that are missing such as the…

Embraer ERJ-135/-140/-145 as @SirMS confirmed.
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400-This would open up a crap-ton of routes in the Seattle/Portland region, Charlotte region, and others that I’m not thinking up of.

I rarely fly in the Chicago, but if it does of Milwaukee, I’m sure that someone flies Boeing 737s from ORD-MKE or MDW-MKE.

ATR 42/ATR 72 would open up a ton of routes in the Caribbean.

But nothing in the most useless region for commercial flying, Oshkosh (I only use it for practice/training because of the excess of airports there).

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A Cessna Citation Mustang would be a nice plane. Single pilot, four passengers and a full Garmin panel. Considered a VLJ (Very light jet). Would be nice for some of the shorter runways.


ATR 72 would be great too alongside the Dash 8 :)

Livery suggestion for the ATR:
— MAS Wings
— Firefly
— Berjaya
— Cebu Pacific Air


Since we already have a Cessna Citation, maybe shake it up for some more variety such as a Beechcraft Premier or Hawker 400.

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Perhaps, Piper Warriors too! Hehe


Even a reworked CRJ would be nice, hahah. I would like to fly it more, but after flying the Citation it just ain’t the same XD


Basically, Kuala Lumpur to Changi in 737-800 MH, and Brussels to Amsterdam in KLM Cityhopper e-190 are the real routes not in the US and Caribbean. Also KLM Cityhopper e-190 dusseldorf to Amsterdam is one, but mostly done by Fokker 50.


Crj 200 and Embraer’s e-jets are the most known commercial short range aircraft in IF. Cessna 208 has liveries in too random regional companies. Like which do you know more: United express, or Kenmore air?