Short-Range A350 Routes (Updated)

With the current issues affecting long-range flights, I wanted to share 36 shorter A350 routes that are flown IRL. I made this list for myself, as my busy schedule doesn’t allow enough flying time. Some of these routes are second legs of longer flights from hub airports. All of them have unique and beautiful scenery, and are definitely worth a look. So far, I’ve not experienced any performance issues with my iPhone 8 Plus while flying these routes. I thought this might help temporarily satisfy the community while the IF team works on a solution. And yes, I checked with a moderator before posting this. Happy flying!

Air Caraibes
Port-au-Prince-Santo Domingo (MTPP-MDSD) 172 mi/278 km

Air France
Bamako-Abidjan (GABS-DIAP) 570 mi/918 km

Air Mauritius
Mauritius-Saint Denis (FIMP-FMEE) 144 mi/232 km

Asiana Airlines
Seoul-Dalian (RKSI-ZYTL) 286 mi/461 km
Seoul-Fukuoka (RKSI-RJFF) 350 mi/563 km
Seoul-Osaka (RKSI-RJBB) 536 mi/862 km
Seoul-Qingdao (RKSI-ZSQD) 346 mi/557 km
Seoul-Shanghai (RKSI-ZSPD) 510 mi/820 km

Cathay Pacific Airlines
Hong Kong-Ho Chi Minh (VHHH-VVTS) 925 mi/1488 km
Hong Kong-Manila (VHHH-RPLL) 711 mi/1144 km
Hong Kong-Taipei (VHHH-RCTP) 501 mi/807 km
Singapore-Bangkok (WSSS-VTBS) 876 mi/1410 km

China Airlines
Taipei-Hong Kong (RCTP-VHHH) 501 mi/807 km
Taipei-Naha (RCTP-ROAH) 407 mi/656 km

China Eastern Airlines
Shanghai-Hong Kong (ZSPD-VHHH) 779 mi/1254 km
Shanghai-Xi’an (ZSPD-ZLXY) 792 mi/1275 km

Ethiopian Airlines
Addis Ababa-Kilimanjaro (HAAB-HTKJ) 861 mi/1385 km
Rome-Milan (LIRF-LIMC) 318 mi/511 km

Iberia Airlines
Madrid-London (LEMD-EGLL) 773 mi/1243 km

Japan Airlines
Tokyo-Fukuoka (RJTT-RJFF) 549 mi/883 km
Tokyo-Naha (RJTT-ROAH) 966 mi/1554 km
Tokyo-Osaka (RJTT-RJOO) 251 mi/405 km
Tokyo-Sapporo (RJTT-RJCC) 509 mi/819 km

Qatar Airways
Doha-Kuwait (OTHH-OKBK) 352 mi/567 km
Doha-Muscat (OTHH-OOMS) 436 mi/702 km
Johannesburg-Durban (FAOR-FALE) 297 mi/477 km
Johannesburg-Gaborone (FAOR-FBSK) 182 mi/293 km
Sydney-Canberra (YSSY-YSCB) 147 mi/246 km

Singapore Airlines
Johannesburg-Cape Town (FAOR-FACT) 789 mi/1271 km
Milan-Barcelona (LIMC-LEBL) 448 mi/722 km
Moscow-Stockholm (UUDD-ESSA) 796 mi/1281 km
Singapore-Jakarta (WSSS-WIII) 546 mi/878 km
Singapore-Kuala Lumpur (WSSS-WMKK) 185 mi/297 km

Thai Airways
Bangkok-Phuket (VTBS-VTSP) 417 mi/671 km
Bangkok-Singapore (VTBS-WSSS) 876 mi/1410 km

Vietnam Airlines
Ho Chi Minh-Singapore (VVTS-WSSS) 676 mi/1088 km

Note: All of the routes listed are under 1,000 mi/1,609 km, and all are operated by A350s as of this posting. Though the featured airlines operate many shorter routes with other aircraft types, this thread is dedicated to the A350 only.


Definitely flying this route first!


Have just flew this one!


Iberia: LEMD - EGLL (about 600 nm)


Asiana Airlines

  • Shanghai-Seoul (ZSPD-RKSI) 539 mi/868 km

Cathay Pacific

  • Hong Kong-Manila (VHHH-RPLL) 696 mi/1,120 km
  • Singapore-Hong Kong (WSSS-VHHH) 1,610 mi/2,591 km

Singapore Airlines

  • Jakarta-Singapore (WIII-WSSS) 561 mi/903 km
  • Singapore-Hong Kong (WSSS-VHHH) 1,610 mi/2,591 km

Thai Airways

  • Bangkok-Singapore (VTBS-WSSS) 885 mi/1,424 km

Vietnam Airlines

  • Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh (VVNB-VVTS) 712 mi/1,146 km

Also China Eastern MU5222, ZUUU - ZSPD, arodung 900mi/1500km.


You sure this is the 359 as its a 340-300 according to flightradar


I used this as a reference. It’s supposedly updated regularly.


Weird knowing that was one of my first global flights…

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Qatar flies the A350-1000 between Canberra and Sydney so you could probably add that even though the -1000 isn’t in the game

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China Airlines
Taipei-Naha (RCTP-ROAH) 346 nm

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What’s happening with long haul flights? I haven’t flown the a350 yet, but for my first flight, I was planning a long haul. Hope it isn’t major…

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I just did Singapore to Madrid (15 hours / 6202 nm), no problems whatsoever.

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@W4RRI0R You should probably specify the long-range flight issue is iOS only cuz people are getting confused.

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Some have reported the app crashing during long-haul flights. The issue is known to affect iOS devices.

One flight that works well just to test out the capabilities of the A350 is ZSSS-ZSPD in a China Eastern A350, takes no more than 20 minutes. China Eastern is one of few airlines with a hub in two airports in the same city. In the summer there would be ZSSS-ZSPD flights all the time to reposition A350s and B77Ws, since some of the A350s and B77Ws are based in ZSSS (Shanghai Hongqiao) for the summer, but ZSPD (Shanghai Pudong) for the rest of the year. (For example, B-304D, an A350 (actually the A350 in IF) and B-7369, a B777 were based in Hongqiao this summer for the Shanghai-Beijing express before being replaced by A321s) I did two of these flights earlier, one where I flown by hand the entire time, to get a sense of how the A350 reacts under manual flying. (meaning I climbed up high and stalled the plane on purpose and all that). I also did one where I took off and engaged autopilot and observed the plane as it flew itself (and also checked out APPR). ZSSS-ZSPD is a really short but realistic route and is great to test out the new and beautiful airplane.

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Qatar Airways also has 2 other short routes.

OTHH-OOMS (Doha Hamad Intl to Muscat Intl)

OTHH-OKBK (Doha Hamad to Kuwait)

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GABS - GOBD (Bamoko to Dakar)

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Quite a few of the routes on the site are wrong though, I’d rather go onto FR24 and filter the A359s out. Then you’d be able to see the routes.

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The routes listed on the site are supposed to be current, but equipment changes do happen. Please feel free to add any new or different A350 routes you find to this thread.