Short random spotting session at Oslo airport-ENGM

Went for a short random spotting session on my way home from work today. Did not expect much activity, but Tuesdays are cargo day so hoped to catch some heavies.
Not the best light, but anyway here are some shots.
Rwy in use was 01L

Canon EOS 700d
Canon 55-250

My Instagram spotting account

Qatar Cargo Boeing 777-FDZ to Doha loaded with Norwegian Premium quality salmon
Reg. A7-BFJ

Korean Air Cargo Boeing 777-FB5 to Seoul loaded with Norwegian Premium quality salmon (Or Pepsi?)
Reg. HL8285

SAS Boeing 737-700, SK805 to London.

A RAF Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT) Multi-Role Tanker Transport arrived from UK. Free lunch at the C-130 Sq.
Reg. ZZ330

Norway Coastal administration Beech B200 Super King Air.

Cessna 172S Skyhawk. After departure they had to come back and land because the pilot had not filed a flightplan. From this airport you can not depart without filing a valid FPL even if you plan to fly VFR. After around 15 mins they departed again.

Seaplane! Cessna T206H Stationair on floats departing


So much diversity in the aircraft and liveries that you’ve spotted! Great work Andre!

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Andre you are always such a low key spotter on the IFC but your pictures are quite fantastic! Always nice to see some more of your shots.


Haven’t seen anything from you in a while, welcome back!

Nice shots


That Korean Air cargo is honestly the best shot of you ask me

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Thanks 🙏🏻 @lucaviness

My middle name is low key. I’m low key everything haha.
Thanks! Appreciate it @Aceorbit

Thanks! I haven’t had motivation to spot. But I’ll try to get back in the game. @AndrewWu

Thanks! The light was ok on that shot @CPT_Colorado


You should try and get some of these on JP!

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Thanks, but this is not JP quality/standard.
I publish on my IG and on here now and then. Thats enough for me.

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Very nice pictures Andre!

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Awesome pictures! Love how these pictures range from a KC2 all the way to a Cessna on floats, I would love to visit this airport sometime soon!

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Beautiful as always André! Never disappoints


Wow! Awesome shots man!

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Really, really cool pictures! The Scandinavian and Qatar ones must be my favourites.

Also: What?? Why did they even manage to depart without a FPL? So many questions.

Thanks for sharing these cool pictures!

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Have no idea, probably a misunderstanding between ATC and pilot 🤷🏻‍♂️
He probably got a violation

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Very Nice photos! Oslo has a very nice airport! As it is Typisk norsk å være god!

typical Norwegian to be good

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Might well be, yes…

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Great photos, and the 777 has beautiful wing flex! I’m so excited for the 77W to get it.

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Awesome seeing the little guys in there! That’s always my favorite part, especially when they mix with the heavys. To this day one of my favorite spotting memories was when we had a Cessna 208 for Southern Airways Express followed almost immediately by 777F for Qatar, which was followed by another C208 (they have a hub here with ~20 daily flights, so back to backs are not uncommon) which was followed by a British Airways Dreamliner, followed by a third C208. It was just so cool to see them fart in there. Pretty sure the controller actually told the 777 “caution wake turbulence C208 landing in front of you”

Totally unrelated comment, I see you used the 55-250 and I was wondering what your thoughts were on it, I’m so close to buying one, not sure what I’m waiting for just haven’t pulled the trigger yet, is it good in your experience?

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The little guys are cool!

55-250 has worked ok for me, but not the best if it’s overcast/poor light. It needs sunny bright days.
Another better option is a 70-200 f 2.8 of course with IS/OS (Stablilizer)

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