short/Midrange Aircraft taxi full-length

Why do A320 and 737 taxi to the end if the Runway when the Runway is long enough they can enter earlyer and let longhaul Aircraft taxi to the end because they realy need the length

If this is on expert does ATIS have No intersection departures allowed?

If this is KEWR the runways are pretty short i took of in a ERJ yesterday where all the 737s are and i used up the whole runway not sure if it was the weight or the thrust. But ye the runways are short tbf.

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Oh KEWR most people follow and keep one straight line, and use the same runway entrance, they don’t have too but they do. And yea already been said the runways are short and you need the most runway possible

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You have to take aircraft weight into account too. Those 737 and a320’s are probably maxed out and will barely takeoff if they dont use the entire runway.

In addition to what’s already been said:

Take a look at your first picture. If the short-haul planes wouldn’t taxi to the end of the runway but hold short at one of the earlier entrances like the one the Singapore Airlines is waiting at; they’d block the taxiway anyway. There’s not enough space for you to pass behind them.

That way, it’s easier for ATC to keep a good overview and pilots don’t block other pilots taxiing down to the end of the runway.

i just took off whit the Singapore 787-10 full for flightvto Singapore and i didn’t need the full lengt whit N1 100% thrust

yeah thats right. i senn this often on other Airports where enough space would be.

Generally you don’t use 100% N1. Also bear in mind it’s not just enough to be able to take off, you need to have enough runway to stop from your decision speed should there be a reason to abort.


i didn’t pull throttle complete up whit 100% i meant the litle 100% in green above the throttle. the 787-10 was verry heavy nearly the MTOW for the Flight to WSSS

The figure in green is %N1. As I said aircraft rarely if ever take off at 100% N1.

yeah its rarely. i do that only when i do those Ultra Longhauls where the Aircraft is near its MTOW

Are you sure about that? Runways 4L/22R and 4R/22L at KEWR both surpass 10,000 ft in length, did you by any chance takeoff from runway 11/29?

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Not sure if this applies for IF, but if they’re new to ES they might be nervous about getting ghosted. So they’ll copy and follow other pilots. There’s a saying called following the crowd, that’s probably not the reason, but it’s a possibility

Fabian, I was the Boeing 737 holding short on your picture… you have to take into account that the runways at KEWR are short and also the aircraft Weight. I need all the runway possible! It was not possible for me to do an interception departure.

Also, my N1 goes up to 91%. Meaning, I need more runway

It’s a general safety thing. At my home airport I back taxi to get the whole 3,500 ft runway instead of taking off at the 2,500 foot mark (IRL) because it’s simply safer, especially in the case of an aborted takeoff.

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Nope it was 22R

I do it too. First because it gives more room for error also they do it in real life its safe fee especially with intersecting runways more room for a takeoff cancel. Also look up Bombardier erj taking off at New York they took off before the lines. Also they both are grade 4 those are experienced pilots who have been on for a long time also the 787 does not need all the length either