Short Long Haul flights

Hey guys! Recently, I have been trying to move from short domestic flights to longer flights. Long haul flights that are at least 4-6 hours (Intercontinental Flights Count too). I would really appreciate the suggestions as I want to expand my Infinite Flight routes.

Thanks! -Generic_Flyer


These are known as medium haul flights btw, there’s probably a thread on the IFC somewhere which has a list of medium haul routes

Depending how fast you go, EGLL - OMDB is a good one, London to Dubai. Its around 5.5-6.5 hours

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Something like OMDB-VTSP

Since you are saying “at least 4-6 hours” you might go for some interesting Atlantic crossings. Especially interesting to me personally (even though I haven’t tried them yet) would be the newly inaugurated Untied routes from Newark to Tenerife Sur (B757-200) and Ponta Delgada (B738)

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Just join a VA youll enjoy different routes depending on your VA…

I’d honestly advice against this as some tend to be quite restrictive… Some require you to gain ranks in order to fly certain aircraft and routes… I’d recommend picking a random airport and then find its departure/arrival schedule on flightradar24, plenty to find there @Generic_Flyer :)

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I would also recommend KBOS to KHNL!! It is the longest domestic flight in the u.S clocking in @ 11 hrs

I like to fly between the northeastern United States and Ireland and Iceland. It gives you a pretty decent number of routes and destinations to use! Most of the flights are also between 5 and 6 hours, especially with a solid tailwind

Some good ones could be Washington (IAD), Boston, New York JFK/EWR, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec over to Reykjavik, Dublin, or Shannon.

Being in a VA is all about experiencing a close-to real-life career which naturally also has these restrictions. And of course, it’s only one side since you can always fly non-VA flights when you feel like it.

LBA(Leeds) EGNM to HER(Heraklion) LGIR with Jet2 737 taking about 4:00 hr average

This isn’t considered long haul as the flight is only 2929km (1581.5nm) long. It would be better categorized as medium haul.

I’d recommend Denver Co (KDEN) to Aspen-Pitkin County airport (KASE)

Honestly, My favorite Medium Haul flights are if you fly from Any HUB in the Middle East towards Hubs in Western Europe. I live in Egypt so i get to see all flights from/into The Middle East and Africa Sooo…

Middle Eastern Hubs:

ISTANBUL (LTFM) but Istanbul is slighly close to western Europe the other cities so consider the flight to be on average 1 hour shorter than others…


Western Europe Hubs:


Any flight connection these cities will be avering between 4-6 Hours depending on winds and the type of aircraft used!

Also since Infinite Flight has added Multiple African Airlines, Flying across Africa is also pretty fun and most flights crossing the continent will be averaging from 6-8 Hours. Here’s the some African Hubs you can fly from/into:


If you’re looking for a specific route and want details on it in the Middle East and Africa Region, don’t hesitate to ask me!

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The “perfect” long short haul flight i reckon is New York to London


True, LHR-JFK has always been the route that everyone flies when they think of Medium Haul but i think that route became pretty boring… at least for me😂 you only fly above the Atlantic for nearly the whole flight. What about going for some diverse Scenery? You can do Medium Hall flights from Middle Eastern Hubs such as Cairo/Dubai/Doha/Abu Dhabi ect… into western Africa or western europe. A more diverse scenery and at the end a new adventure…!

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KBOS-KLAX is a good one, around 5 hours or so, as well as KMIA-LSZH, which is a bit longer but more of a “long haul” you could say, around 9-10 hours. and lastly I would recommend doing KJFK-GMMN which is a nice mid point between medium and long haul, around 7-8 hours depending on speed. Happy flying!!

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Also Sydney to Perth is a good one, just topping 5 hours

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