Short international flights?

A lot of international flights do, however when going Dublin-Stansted I don’t go through customs and get a bus straight to baggage reclaim

Yes. My home airport has a 30 min flight to Canada and u need to go through customs

I suppose so, yes. As I think its required by international law

But as i live in Australia there is no real “short international flight”

On the private side some are more leanent forward customs. As in Canada one time we got the the tarmac called a number told them we were in Canada and we were free. What we do when we come back is stop at a city just across US border to get cleared so we don’t have to clear at DAL. When we go to Turks and Caicos we just go through a simple Process where we get off they ask who is who them stamp passports and go. On the other hand in Ft. pierce they make us haul all of our bags off and scan them that’s on rare occasions as only a small number of airports do that.

Hope this helped

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