Short international flights?

Hey everyone.

Before I head off to school, I thought I’d ask this question.

Would very short flights (that are crossing an international border) still have to go through international security?

Suppose a Dash-8 took off from Mexico for a 10 minute flight and landed in Texas. Would the passengers have to go through international security?

(I thought I’td be a little weird for such a small plane)



Almost positive that every international flight must pass through customs in their respective country


I think sometimes there can be a sort of agreement. I’m not sure though…

Yessir. If anyone flies between two countries, they have to go through immigration and customs.


Yup they do I know of people who live up near Canada who cross the border all the time to go to restaurants up there

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For international flights, I’m positive you need to go thru customs & immigration even if it is only a short hop. Maybe if it is a land crossing they might not… though I still find it hard to believe

Okay. To clarify. It is a must to go through customs and immigration through air.

The procedures in air aren’t the same as on the ground. As far as I’m concerned (nearly 100% positive), a passport and proper visa documentation is needed when passing all borders. Let’s take an example.

I’m a passenger on a British flight from Gilbraltar to Madrid. I must go through immigration upon arrival in Madrid due to Gilbraltar being a British territory.

Now, it is possible to go through another country’s immigration before even getting on the flight to that country. Here’s another common example of this.

British flies their Speedbird 1 service from London City to New York’s John F. Kennedy. Due to weight constraints in EGLC, they have to stop to refuel. They choose to stop in Shannon for a specific reason. Shannon Airport in Ireland has U.S. immigration and customs. Upon arrival in JFK’s Terminal 7, the passengers head straight to baggage claim, pass customs, and they are out of the airport.


Wait so you guys are saying that no matter what flight that leaves the country you get your passport checked?

I have flown loads of times without anyone checking any I’d card passports or anything except my ticket…

Okay. Between two Schengen countries, it’s considered a domestic flight. That’s the only exception.


I was thinking, because even if I go from Venice to let’s say Switzerland , even if that means I go out of the uropean union, since Switzerland is still in schengen, I have no control.

But whenever I go to Ireland there is a control, because they’re not part of schengen.

even then I have had a passport check at both ends of the flight on occasion (Was a LGW-ATH flight,passports checked at LGW secuirty and alsoagain by UK Boarder Officers at the gate and a third time on arrival in Greece). I always travel with my passport as due to my work I am not always sure of my routing before I walk through my front door again.

I know for certain one of the shortest international flights in the world(Nairobi-Kilimanjaro), passengers pass through immigration in both airports.

Yes they do in this scenario. Every place is different. When I went to Johannesburg from Atlanta, Atlanta had extra security especially going through customs on the way back while Johannesburg was more or less relaxed, no taking off belts or shoes and only what purpose I have there at customs.

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In your scenarios yes, they would. I took a 1 hour flight from Toronto to Hartford, and they let us clear customs and the like in Toronto itself. Not sure if smaller airports have this capability. You did still have to show your passport to board.

Border Force / BP & Immigration should do this all over the world at major international hubs.

Learn something everyday literally…

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They do have a more advanced security where you do have to do the following. Also when departing Johannesburg for certain international flights, you are subject to an extra security check when arriving at the connections or final point on arrival.


LGW isn’t in schengen.

Sometimes countries will have a so-called Pre Check. Say when you fly from Toronto-Detroit, U.S. Customs has a pre-clearance checkpoint in Toronto, so you clear U.S. Border Customs and step onto your plane. After you land, the plane will usually park in a domestic terminal, and you’re on your way.

I think the answer is yes.

Yes, every international flight has to go through security.