Short hop in the land down under

Hey IFC! I’m back again with some more pictures for y’all. I decided to take advantage of the ATC at Sydney and do a short little flight from Brisbane. Enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Qantas Boeing 737-800
Flight time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Server: Expert

Rotating out of Brisbane with beautiful blue skies

Crusin over Lionsville, New South Wales

Turnin left to line up for the ILS approach for runway 34L

On final for 34L at a very busy Sydney

Seconds from touchdown as a Qantas 787 holds short

Welcome to Sydney!


Great photos, traffic always makes flights more fun! It’s weird, I feel like I’ve seen a few of those before 😉

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Haha who knows 🤔, thanks!

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And by the way I’m a huge fan of the Qantas 789 in the background photo!

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Cool photos. Traffic adds a whole lotta fun to the flight.

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Thanks! It really does!

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