Short hauls decreased

This is not a feature topic or a complaint but i just wanted to share my opinion on the new ATC region change. Personally as IFATC i love it as i can control a much wider range of airports at any given time but as a pilot, i dont get the same positive feeling. I still go to school and on weekends i still dont have time to do a long haul and with this new ATC region change, long haul is all it really has. I love short hauls because of my disadvantages with school and my time restrictions but this ATC change has mainly:


Open and obviously, these are not short haul flights. Im just here to share my opinion on this region change IN a PILOTS perspective. Would love to know yall thoughts on this too and if anyone agrees with me


I understand that you have like time restrictions but if you want to have ATC services I would just do a short haul from EGLL for example or from any other airport and land in London :)

I understand what ur saying but the point of this topic is to get ATC from point A to b not just to point B

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Yeah, but the new ATC system is like this and you have to adapt you know

Hello, I just want to say that now that the world is slowly reopening, there won’t be much ATC like it was during quarantine. I also noticed this big drop in ATC but u can’t really do anything about it.


There isn’t really a drop in ATC, we’ve actually seen more controllers join and more airports explored.

But here something to think about. IFATC have gone from traffic following them to IFATC following traffic. But when everyone continues to go to the main airports, ATC will continue to follow them.

When ATC open up at small airports, they tend to see low levels of traffic.

This system is still very new to everyone. I expect as summer comes around and the system is adopted, you can see more ATC around the world. And keep in mind, the schedules weren’t super different. While specific airports were featured, often times the hub was the hub and small airports on the schedule were not given the love. Traffic is spread out much more and while everyone wants ATC everywhere, the IFATC cannot meet everyone’s needs.


I agree, look my friend is planning on joining ATC because of this change but i gave the small airports recognition and flew to hubs🥺

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