Short haul tour!

Welcome to this thread!

Today I’m starting a challenge from me on Infinite Flight!

I’ll do everyday a short haul route starting from the airport I landed the day before.

Some rules and info

  • The flight can be maximum 3 hours long
  • The route is chosen via a 12 hours long poll
  • Follow IFATC schedule as close as possible.
  • The routes are NOT necessary realistic
  • You can suggest at any time routes!
  • I’ll fly with the callsign I-GITA
  • Serve will be expert

The first flight will be today at 1500Z 2021-03-09T15:00:00Z from LIPZ (Venezia-Tessera “Marco Polo”) to EKCH (Copenhagen Kastrup) with an B737-700 SAS!

Every week I’ll make a recap video on my youtube channel!


Good luck crossing the atlantic

That will be interesting haha

Do you plan on crossing the atlantic or do you plan on only staying in Asia/Europe/Africa/Oceania

I indeed plan going in America but probably passing via Russia and Alaska

They could also go via Iceland & Greenland

If you want to only do commercial flights you are out of luck then

I was looking at routes crossing the atlantic and the pacific and u can’t do it

That’s a 5h flight

That is risky but doable also

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Not that hard. A320s and 737s do it all the time

Not in a three hour flight

Ok then…

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England to Iceland, Iceland to the nearest Canadian airport. If a c172 can do it so can an a320

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@simopoint do you plan on only doing irl flights or non realistics?

He’d need to go through greenland

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IRL as close as possible but they don’t have to be realistic. Just no crazy or no sense things :)

Shortest realistic direct flight from Iceland to Canada is like 4 hours


non of these flights are realistic but they are doable and below 3h

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Air Canada Rouge operates the A319 from Reykjavik to Montreal, about 4-5 hours