Short Haul - Saudia A319 - Ha’il-Jeddah

Here’s a short flight from Ha’il to Jeddah with a go around. 👌🏾


Time: 1 hour, 52 minutes
Server: Expert
Route: Ha’il (OEHL) - King Abdulaziz (OEJL)
Aircraft: Saudia A319

At the gate

Taking off from Ha’il!

Cruising at FL360


On final

Going around!

Turning back onto final

A very close call


At the gate, after a short flight


Very nice pictures! It was very good to go around because I see a lot of people on the expert server not care in those situations and land anyways 🤦‍♂️

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That was me once… In KSFO

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Very nice pictures! The colors are amazing!

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Awesome pics you got here! I’m actually cruising at FL360 in an A319 right now with @JulietTango! Haha.


You can always go around
Amazing pictures!

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so so beautiful 😍… and welcome in our Airport

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There is a bunchhhhh of liveries i aint even know offfff

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