Short haul routes for 777-200ER

I really want to start flying the new 777 however with it being a long haul aircraft, it mainly flies long haul routes. I’m not really a fan of flying long haul in IF, so I’m looking for any short haul routes that are serviced by the 777 irl. I asked the same question about the a350 when it came out and got an overwhelming amount of short haul routes to fly. So if anyone knows of any then I’m all ears! (Preferably I’m looking for routes under 2h)

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same. i’m currently flying GCRR - EGLL as it’s not that long in my opinion


There are many short haul routes with the 777 around the United States. One of the shortest is ORD-IAD


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there is a united flight from orlando to chicago o’hare

We’ve got a database with a bunch of short-haul routes with their flight time listed.

Some include American’s DFW-LAX, DFW-MIA, British Airways’ London to Madrid, some of ANA’s domestic Japan routes, and others.



this looks interesting… imma bookmark that

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I can only speak based on what I know about SQ - I used to service pax as a Airport ground staff before this situation. The other companies I know I am not sure.

Some routes that SQ flew with its 772s are:


All of those routes are short haul (less than 3h) with the exception of SIN-DAC, that will take around 3h 30mins

This is to the best of my knowledge, hope it helps :)

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Is that what the issue is? Because mine scrashed 6 times, how ever some eles I know apps not crashed at all

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i think that this topic can be closed as there is a database for routes already

United has a fleet of 23 B777-200 and 777-200ERs known as 777As which operated domestically in the so called “cattle car” configuration. You’d often find them flying between the United hubs, so flights such as EWR-DEN, SFO-IAH, and the sort are prime 777A routes. Also, right now, the EWR to San Juan route is being flown by the 777As as well. Finally, the A model 777s were commonly used on the West Coast to Hawaii flights.

AA also did this, albeit to a smaller extent than United. It’s was uncommon to find AA 777s flying trans cons and occasionally routes such as MIA-JFK, hub to hub flights.

Delta frequently used their 777s on transcon routes from Atlanta and Atlanta to JFK.

This was all pre COVID though, so who knows what it’ll be like once everything opens back up.

Have a look at the Route Database that’s been provided above! I’m sure you’ll find something there 😊