Short Haul planes ERJ-145 Liveries

As the new update is coming with short-haul planes, if the ERJ-145 where to be included I would say there are two liveries that are a must:

and the other amazing livery:

Not only are they amazing for us Mexican users but overall both are really good looking and many would be excited to fly!


The ERJ isn’t coming. And I suggest you make a #features request, make sure to look for topics before posting though.

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  1. This should be in #features

  2. Only one feature request per post.

  3. Please check on how to properly format a feature request.

Thanks, good day!


The next aircraft update is the CRJ. Also, if you want new liveries, please post in #features once you’re TL2. :)

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You are currently a TL1 user (Basic User).

You must be a TL2 (Member) to post in #features


Just noticed I posted it in General. I’ll delete this one then and repost on Features

Really? Do we need 4 people telling a TL1 the same thing? It’s unnessacary. Once is enough.