Short Haul Medium Haul or Long Haul?

Short haul Medium haul or Long haul? Why?
  • Short Haul
  • Medium Haul
  • Long haul

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I want to hear your reasoning as to why, let’s get a debate going.

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Would be better suited to discuss here:

Maybe post this in Would You Rather: IF Edition?
I think Short to Medium hauls are the best.

Agreed I don’t see the excitement in leaving your device on for 10 or more hours

I do long flights because I like flying realistic routes across the globe, because I love exploring new places, and because for me being in the air is a place I absolutely love, even in simulation.

One of the main reasons I enjoy flying no matter what the route is, long or short, is because I look for a career in commercial aviation, eventually making my way to larger aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner. It’s a dream I have, so I spend all my time flying on a device on longer flights to keep this passion, whilst still building a social life, getting an education, and building up my flying skills in the real world.

Thank you for that response that has actually opened my eyes as to why people do long haul.


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