Short Haul From John F Kennedy To Ronald Reagan International

Hello! I’d thought I’d share some pretty nice photos from my short haul from John F Kennedy International (KJFK) - Ronald Reagan International (KDCA) Enjoy!

Airline (Optional): Jet blue A321,A320
Duration: 30-45 Minutes Approx.


I’m surprised no one has commented on this. Great pics, btw. Does JetBlue operate that in the A321?

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A nice way to pass time flying that route did you fly the river visual?

JetBlue doesn’t even operate it anymore period. Nevermind with an A321. They did IAD out of JFK and that ended this past January. They built up more routes out of DCA-but JFK isn’t one of them.

Also, 33 at KDCA is way too short for an A321… but the pics are nice!

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Nice pics 👍🏽👍🏽

I dont know lol
just did it for fun haha!

Yeah, I’ve never flown in or out of KDCA so I didnt know lol, the landing was hard but I put her down lol

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Always 01/19 for anything bigger than an E190.

Alright, Thanks! I’m From California so I usually just fly on the west coast lol, I don’t know any of the airports on the east coast

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