Short haul for the 77W

Landing at EGLL from KJFK.

Expert server, 6 hour flight time, plane 77W British Airways callsign Speedbird 456

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Photo 1 on final into EGLL.
Photo 2 passenger got this while landing.
Photo 3 Unloading while the moon watches over us.


Nice pics! That moon is really nice!

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I flew this route just now and the moon was huge at FL320 when I was descending.

I think something went wrong while posting this. As 1,2,3 are missing. Try doing it again! Nice photos overall! :).

United Airlines uses their B77Ws between Newark (KEWR) and the US West Coast (KSFO & KLAX) a lot!

These routes are a max 6.5 hours long with really bad winds, otherwise they typically clock in around 5.5-6.0 hrs

I’m excited to do these once the aircraft comes!

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I’m not sure why and when I try to repost it comes out like this. Click the links to see the photos.

I love flying the 77W it flew beautifully.

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Hey, @Zhopkins!

Great flight, and great photo! Unfortunately, as the photo does contain airport tags, it does fall against the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category, in particular the rule that all aircraft tags, HUDs, sidebars, etc. must not be present in the photos. To fix it, go into your settings, then uncheck the fourth box (airport names). I’ve linked the official rules below.

Sorry about this, thanks for sharing!

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