Short Haul Flights!

My Airbus A359 flights and Air China flights. They are all short hauls.

Go to Zurich and Hello Alps! LH359

Hello Daxing CI359 (The mountain behind the Aircraft is Yan shan mountains)

Good bye 2019 Hello 2020 Happy Chinese New year! CI359

Hello HongKong! And go back to Beijing

Thanks for watching!!👍


Nice pics! The second one is my favorite


The same lol 🤣

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What were the flight times for these?

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Hey @Zhopkins You can take a look at this website for help with flight planning as well as flight times! It gives you a flight plan, fuel, flight time estimates and everything! Just as a friendly tip, in the future I would PM the original poster instead of replying to a topic that is 6 months old.

Nice Pictures Cris!


Thank you!

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Beautiful pictures! Love the one with the sunset. To me the China Airlines blends in so well with the surrounding area. Dunno maybe it is just the nice blue hue that blends in with the mountains.

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