Short Haul Flights in England.

What are some short haul flight that I should fly in England? Thanks!

Manchester - London
London City - Southampton
Heathrow - Liverpool


vice versa

This is my favourite

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Leeds (EGNM) - Newquay (EGHQ)

Teesside (EGNV) - Jersey (EGJJ)

Liverpool (EGGP) - Isle of Man (EGNS)

Southampton (EGHI) - Jersey (EGJJ)

Exeter (EGTE) - Guernsey (EGJT)


Aberdeen to Heathrow or Gatwick is a good one, as well as Belfast to Heathrow or Gatwick. Ok one is in Scotland and the other is Northern Ireland, but both are in the UK.

EGLL-EGBB = Takeoff - landing😀

Newcastle to Southampton

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I want to suggest some as the CEO of Flybe VA… But that’s not happening because it’s copyrighted… dammit.

Why don’t you take a look at these?

They aren’t all fully in England, but provide great flights! I’ve got these for every single Airline and aircraft in IF btw! They arent all the flights, but a wide range for ideas and what are personal use for me!

*All Dash 8 flights. Those really need updating into ICAO and seperated lmao. I’ll do that now,

the title says in England 😉 @Ecoops123


As noted, they arent all in England, but give good flights in and around the UK 😉

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That’s an old Pre-Global favourite!! Don’t think I have flown in/out of EGBB since global!

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CYLW - KSEA its short

EGNV-EGJJ is my favourite

Yeah it’s quite fun and unique as Teesside only has two usual destinations. It’s a new route for this year isn’t it?

Manchester - London LHR

Aberdeen - London LHR

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The title says “in England”…

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You could do
Newcastle-Bristol (it’s an IRL route I did it on IF and it took 36 mins)
EGLL-EIDW a little longer

Also you could look at the recommended routes 2019 post srry I don’t know how to link lol

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It’s a brilliant little place with the long runway and short taxi times! they’ve done it for a few years they have recently started Bourgas in Bulgaria with BH air and announced Palma with JetsGo holidays (op by Alba Star) starting next year!

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Maybe EGSS-EGPF IRL on EasyJet