Short Haul, Big Plane | IF 772 | JFK-ORD | Expert

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded any pictures from my flights. I wanted to celebrate recently hitting 1,000,000 XP… (thank you IFC!)… so, I decided to do a sunset flight with the beautifully redone 777-200ER in the equally beautiful Infinite Flight livery. Let me know what you think!

Lining up on runway 13R at JFK

80 knots… V1… rotate.

…positive rate.
Gear up.

After a quick climb to cruise, we find ourselves on the northern border of Pennsylvania, overflying Lake Erie at FL380.

We begin our descent into Chicago via the WYNDE1 arrival, and before you know it, we’re turning final.


Gear down.
Gear… down.

…approaching minimums…300… minimums…



…spoilers out. Reverse green… decel.

Which photos were your favorite? Is there anything you would like to see next?

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Great airport, great aircraft, great scenery, nothing else to say but great shots!

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Thank you!

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Hold up, did you land on 28R…we need to talk.

Great Pics, love the wing shot on takeoff!

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Fight me…! (just kidding!)

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Love that window view of the engine and runway

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Yep. You’re suppose to land on 28L. It’s the same as landing 25R and 24L at LAX lol


the first photo is extremely beautiful

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![image|830x579](upload://54wQWBeautiful xLrOxbujYyjA2kT6gp.jpeg)

Beautiful. The 777 cockpit lighting is just stunning.

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You said that if we want to see anything next to tell you and this is what i would like to see. Project sunrise YSSY-EGLL Qantas 787-9 via perth.

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Interesting idea! Might have to do that ;)

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Its a cool flight you can get some amazing shots.

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