Short haul A350/B777 into LAX?

ello all
I’m looking for a nice realistic flight into KLAX that uses the B777 or A350. No long hauls, nothing over 6 hours, but if from Hawaii, all good. I know American operates a 777 from Miami to KLAX, but I’m looking for something unique.


Before/after Covid, United operates the 777-200 from DEN, EWR, IAH, IAD, or HNL to LAX

KCVG-KLAX on the DHL 77F. About a 4 hour flight time.

Crystal Luxury operated their 777-200LR on KLAS-KLAX. only 45 minutes :)


No Domestic A350 flights but there are a ton of flights that operated to LAX on the -200ER/LR/-300ER

DHL and aerologic flies 77f from yyz
Air Canada also flew this 77L (and maybe 77W) a few years ago.

There is DTW LAX right now on the 350, 4 hours or so

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United: EWR, IAD, ORD(I’m not sure)
AA: DFW(operated mostly by the 787), MIA, JFK
DELTA: I’m not sure, but ATL and JFK are strong candidates.

Plenty of FedEx and DHL from KMEM, KCVG etc

DTW with delta?

that was only one flight for repositioning so it could start flying the LAX-SYD route with the A350.

KDEN-KLAX: 777-200
KIAH-KLAX: 777-200 or 787-9
KIAD-KLAX: 777-200 or 787-8
KEWR-KLAX: 777-200 or 787-10
KORD-KLAX: 777-200
PHNL-KLAX: 777-200

KMIA-KLAX: 777-200 or 777-300ER or 787-8
KDFW-KLAX: 787-9
KJFK-KLAX: 777-200(temporary - November 4th to November 30)

KATL-KLAX: 777-200LR
KJFK-KLAX: 767-300ER

PHNL-KLAX: 767-300ER
PHOG-KLAX: 767-300ER

Air Canada
CYYZ-KLAX: 777-200LR or 787-9
CYUL-KLAX: A330-300

MMMX-KLAX: 787-8


Jeez! Thanks a ton mate!

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Update: United is resuming DEN-LAX service with the 777-200 in 2 days!

Oh intresting when did that one start??

And Chicago KORD, don’t forget Chicago!!

Delta temporarily used an A350 on KATL-KLAX. Was only done once or twice and was during the thanksgiving season a year or two ago

Delta operated the A350 ATL-SEA and back as well as MSP-LAS

I can confirm this isn’t the case well for the last week at least. If you know a specific time let me know as I would like to fly this route as well

DL885 (check on flightaware)

KLAX-MMMX qatar 777 was a flight