Short Group Flight Up The West Coast - KLAX to KSFO

Earlier today, @Delta and @Mr_Young put together a short group flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco, on the American Airlines 737-800.
Enjoy the photos!

A very busy Terminal 5 at LAX, with some American Airlines, a splash of JetBlue, a United 757, and a banana

Planes doing a conga line. All of the AAL planes are us, in modern and retro liveries

A 738 lining up on 25R, while your casual F-14 at LAX takes off on 25L

Putting the gear up while a Boeing 777 lines up

Me passing 2,000 feet below @Mr_Young

Short final on runway 28L at SFO

Touchdown, with a beautiful sky behind me, as well as 2 aircraft on the approach

I don’t think they’re spaced out very well…

The group parked at Terminal 1 at SFO. From left to right: @Aviation108 (me), @Mr_Young, @SWA1997, @Deltadev13, @Delta. This was a very fun flight! Thanks to the organizers!

The banana was following us…


Appreciate the photos man! Hope u enjoyed.

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Uhhhh. The person who’s about to touch down should’ve went around! 😬

Nice photos also!


Yep, they should have! They were not a part of the flight though.

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I certainly did!

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Another set of great photography! Looks like IFC has some great photographers. I particularly like:

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Thanks a Lot!

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I must agree with @MJP_27. The A/C in the foreground should be clear of the runway before another A/C touches down.


Yeah. There wasn’t ATC at SFO, and they weren’t part of the flight, so they couldn’t chat via PM

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The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray’ -Robert Burns.

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