Short group flight from SBP to LAX

Hey guys, me and @Alec did a group flight from KSBP to KLAX on the expert sever at around 1500 Zulu today. I took some pictures and decided to share them here
Parked at KSBP

Taxing to the runway
Lining up for departure


Climbing out for FL190
Descending into LAX after a short cruise
Parallel Landing with @Venezuelancap in the background
exiting the runway
Parked at the gate


ehh, your pictures didn’t upload right there bud :d

Looks like some of your pictures didn’t upload correctly…

Nice flight!


Nice pics!

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Thank you, I fixed it

These shots are nice! Well done.

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Got a typo there!

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At the runway? Hope you didn’t get run over.

Great photos, the CRJ always manages to look it’s best from any angle in IF!

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Wow! They are some amazing pictures :)

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Great pictures!

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Pretty Good clicks !!

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Amazing pictures!!

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Amazing shots!

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