Short Flight With A South America Airliner To Madrid @ LPBJ - 121900ZAPR19

Server: Expert Server

Airport: LPBJ to LEMD
The airport in Beja (LPBJ) has only 14 gates!
Time: Please 10 minutes before the flight, for a nice photo

Flight Information: Flight level = 24.000 FT, Speed = 320 kts, this is the flight plan: LPBJ ODPAK 3835N/738W ELVAR CCS NATPA 3958N/421W TLD D130F D130P BUREX D227R TOBEK 4020N/325W LEMD
You have to take Airliner that comes from South America! I take the 787-9 from LATAM.

It is now very busy at madrid because there is the FNF!!!

Feel free to join!!

You may want to consider using #live:groupflights

However for that category the event must be within 3 hours

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who would like to join???

I would love to, but I will be at school then.

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