Short flight for a big plane

Abu Dhabi International(OMAA/AUH)🇦🇪 - King Abdulaziz international🇸🇦

Flight time: 3:10

Server: Expert

hello from 2012

start taxiing


UAE coastline🇦🇪

B77W in all its glory and the Qatar🇶🇦


Descent maneuvers



Welcome to Jeddah!🇸🇦

Thank you for watching!


Very short flight for 777 it’s like training flight nice flight overall

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Nice flying! I’ve seen quite a few short to medium haul flights in the Middle East using bigger planes. I know that Emirates flies from Dubai to Cario (3 hours) with an A380.

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Short flights on large planes are not so rare, in Japan they use В767, В777, A350, etc for domestic flights, the same can be seen in the summer in China and other countries


Yes, I’ve seen those too!

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Oh etihad’s livery is one of the most beautiful in IF

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The largest 747s of that time were used for Japanese domestic runs.

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