Short Flight Crash

Today I was doing a flight from LPPT to LPFR. During my landing, when I turned off reverse thrust and was about to exit rwy retracting flaps and staff when the app crash. I know there is a percentage of crashing ur flight during long-haul (thing that never happend to me), but today in this flight it happened to me. This will be solved in V20.1 too?

Are you on IOS? If so - the app crash issue should be solved in 20.1!

Yep I am. OK

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I think you can find some info here:

But yes, I think they are aware of it and it will be solved in the update.
But it may be just an occasional crash of yours, we can’t be 100% sure.

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Because you mentioned that you never experienced a long haul crash, so it may just be an exceptional crash, the topic up there is about KEEP crashing :)

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