Short finals

Just had a question for any adv ATC guys I have noticed most of the times approach gives long sweeping vectors to the localizer. I know with a lot of traffic you need adequate separation but I hardly see any short finals take place. I was just wondering why.


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Do you mean if you were remaining in pattern ?

No just in general.

I didnt understand what you want,can you clarify more ?

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Today I was flying and called inbound to an airport ATC gave me vectors in but it took a while and I did a long 180 to line up with the runway in prep for landing. I was just wondering is that the controllers preference or why couldn’t he vector me toward the runway sooner? It just seems to me taking a sweeping vectors to the airports seem less efficient.

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Did he tell you to extend downwind ?

It could be to allow some people on the ground to take off

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No he didn’t it was just approach giving directions to the localizer

You were on APPR ?

Yes I was…

You answered yourself in the question. They sweep you out to create separation. If you’ve ever sat and watched the inbound aircrafts, even with you being swung out wide there still is barely enough time to get an aircraft off the runway and let another take off before the next aircraft is go around or landing point. Everything the ATC does is for a reason. Especially if us on advance tell you to do it.

Even if there is no one on final,he will take you to the end of the approach path and then tell you to turn.

You will always be sent to the end of the ILS cone, it just the proper procedure for an aircraft when approaching the airport. But like always there are always exceptions for certain airports.

Yea I understand, it just seems you could get more aircraft down faster with short finals than a long approach in.

Short final is just the last part of your final approach. Ive heard some people say its when your one minute to touchdown. Turning that close to the runway doesnt leave much room to correct mistakes. Especially in a larger aircraft.

The issue is that if we give short vectors to people, they would get confused and complain most of the time lol. I have gave them to people I know will understand what I am doing.

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Were you inbound to YSCB?

Ok,was just wondering was it the controllers preference or is it a standard thing with all the adv guys. @Benny87654321 yea i think so.

Yeah so if that’s the case then the reason for all this is because the traffic was so bad that I ordered my ground to have a full ground stop to get departures out and I told my app to give them long finals to get traffic out (I was tower)… It was a mess

Ok, makes sense it was busy. Would you ever vector some in and half cut the localizer so they could land faster?