Short Finals in Global

Hi all.
I wanted to make a peculiar(?) feature request for some specific airports/approaches in Global. Kai Tak is coming in Global, as well as airports such as Madeira etc. These airports require a turn to final. The request I would like to make is that when you press the short final button, it positions you not pointing the runway, which would be unrealistic but instead before the turn so we can conduct the turn ourselves!
Ask below if you don’t understand!


Hmm… Maybe they could add a custom heading for short final or smth


This is a great idea. Madeira has also a strange airport…alltough it is a good idea i think the devs have already to much work. Maybe in the future but now i don´t think so

Great idea!!!

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I don’t really see the point in this as you can easily position yourself for the short turn to final - you don’t need a button to do it for you in my opinion.

This would also be very situation specific. Not every airport is like Kai Tak and would require more programming to be done (I’d assume) to adapt to specific situations. :)


Very true and fair points. I guess it would be similar to the special glideslope for the EGLC approach.

This feature is actually not needed since all u have to do is takeoff from a Airport then turn and land. That’s all!

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It would be unrealistic to do pattern work at Kai Tak!

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Mmm, I don’t understand what do you mean with your request…

When you set up short final, you are put in line with the runway. Instead, I want it to be realistic so for airports that have a sharp turn to final, you are set up roughly perpendicular to the runway so you can do the turn. PM me if you still don’t understand as I can only post one picture on a feature topic.[quote=“Mattia_Bordoni, post:9, topic:89728, full:true”]
Mmm, I don’t understand what do you mean with your request…


Would love to see this. Would also nice if it was implemented for EGLC and others.

Maybe we will have waypoints for kai tak

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Ya, what he said

That sharp turn u say is not possible in all Airports of the world. Example : Kuwait,Doha.

I know, I’m just saying for the certain airports that have this turn. Not all airports - very few in fact that are notable.

Interesting, this would be great!