Short Final Rework

This is similar to the topic made in 2017, but I thought I’d bring it back to attencion. When you are flying in solo, and you choose the “Short Final” option, you spawn at about 50 ft and going 120 knots. This is a problem for some aircraft such as the F-22, that stalls right away. The problem persists for the A320 and 21, and some other aircraft. I think that this could be easily fixed to cope for the size of your aircraft.

Please PM a mod before making a replacement feature request.

Okay. Who is the best one?

Personally I prefer @DeerCrusher or @Chris_S but they’re all pretty good 🙃


What would be nice instead of short final have the spawn start at the ILS cone entry to give you time to check parameters and get everything in order.


I agree with you.

You would be able to get to correct speed, and learn how to use the glideslope better.


Exactly! It’ll get the end user experienced enough to do it right!

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If you want to spawn at the ILS cone entry, there is an option in the map, such as 25L Approach or something like that. It will get you close to it, but you will have to go back every single time if you want to do it again.

Also, I see no issue with the current short final system- just make sure that your throttle is about 50% and that you’re calibrated. After spawning, make quick adjustments. If you really want the ILS cone entry, maybe there should be another button with “Final” or something like that, but I don’t see it as a replacement.


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