"Short Final" Rework / Fix - Coming In Next Update

That is only one of the options that could be replaced with the “Short Final” option. There are many possibilities that are still to be discussed.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’ve actually tweaked the Short Final / Take Off menu options a bit in the next update to make it nicer to use (one of several changes includes having some throttle applied to prevent immediate stalls).

We position the aircraft in accordance with the airport’s glideslope. London City (EGLC) is an “odd” case of this, in which we position you on the 5.5˚ glideslope that the airport uses for approach as opposed to the standard 3.5˚ glideslope used at most airports. In this case, it’s recommended to use aircraft that fly to this airport in real life that have steep-approach capability (the Embraer 170/190 series, the Dash 8, etc.).


Wow, Thanks @Cameron Cam! I can´t wait for the new update! Feel free to close this thread and mark it as Coming in the next Update°

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