Short Final Mode on Solo

I have a question, why when I choose to spawn on short final the nose pitches up and them down akwardly making it hard to land? This still happens even in no wind or turbulance

Perhaps the controls aren’t calibrated to the position your device is in. Spawning into short finals is difficult. You’re going very slow, and you have to react very quickly.

Tip: when you tap on the screen, your device is automatically calibrated.
You should then very quickly tap on the AP Speed button.
Once the throttle setting has stabilized, you can turn off AP.
Try it…lemme know if it helps you.

Also make sure you speed up when you spawn, because when you spawn, the aircraft’s speed is below stalling, causing it to stall

That’s why you press speed button. I immediately holds the initial knts. Quicker than the slider.

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