Short Final at a Busy Mumbai! ✈️

From long approach sequencing to long taxi times, it’s fair to say the Mumbai Flyout Community Event was a mega success! In order to avoid the chaotic departing traffic down at the ground at Mumbai, I opted to fly in from Bangkok instead. Here’s a shot captured on short final with Mumbai bustling in the background

Route: VTBS 🇹🇭 - VABB 🇮🇳
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 4hrs 15mins


Nice shot, Anshul!

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Thanks Jinco 😄

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That’s me in the Emirates behind the Jet Airways!

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Haha you’re absolutely right! Hope you had a great flight to Dubai ✈️

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My game crashed on short final

Well that’s unfortunate to hear 😕

Great shot of the lineup! Well done

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That is spectacular!!!

Good shot!!

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Thanks a lot! 😇

Spectacular indeed! Thanks 😄