Short Film | Blending In


I’ve created a short film.

The inspiration for this came from listening to nostalgic music and thinking about life. How is it that we exalt nature and how beautiful it is, yet we escape our fume-filled hubs in the hundreds of thousands everyday? This film is supposed to show that the world is beautiful, but we don’t value that most of the time.

This is my second film, first one I disclose publicly though, feedback is appreciated!

Have a nice day!


This is amazing, the scenery of IF and in real life is amazing.
Too bad I ran out of likes.

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This sounds a lot like the Minecraft song. Nice little short movie though.

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It is a Minecraft song :) I cannot find good creations that would fit into such a scenario, apart from C418’s ones.

Thank You both, @Butter_Boi and @MonkeyManofLife!

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Your welcome! I like the Minecraft songs anyway.

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If anyone has any feedback or tips, it would be greatly appreciated if You shared it :)