Short Field Take Off from Milford Sound(NZMF)

This is what the airport looks like in IF.

Well, in order to take off from this kind of airport with obstacle, we have to use a technic called ‘Short field take off’.
Here is the check list.

  1. Flaps—————Full
  2. Breaks—————Full
  3. Power—————Maximum

Than release your breaks and begin you rolling to a unknown future.
Climb out at the best gradient speed.

Well, actually in real world, there is a path to fly in and out to Milford sound. and this is also a great tourism sight in New Zealand.


Hmm. Looks like an airport editing issue,

I may take an look at this to fix it, unless it is the scenery itself that is bugged higher than it should. It might also come with an airport rework… 🤔

Can you just confirm that there is a dip between each mountain, or is the airport sunk between the two? Are you able to provide a more zoomed out view? I’m currently in the middle of a long flight so am unable to do so.

This doesn’t seem to be anything like the real life airport at all, I’m going to look to see if someone from the IFAET is editing it.

Edit: hmm this airport seems to have been edited twice by 2 different members, my guess is that the terrain around the airport is bugged, super sorry as it looks like a really fun and different kind of airport.

Will try to find a visual chart for you.

Here is a PDF written by CAANZ, name as ‘In, Out and Around Milford’. It’s simply a guide for how to fly in/out around Milford Sound.

Pls check the link below.

Wish this help.

Looks cool, but can you provide a screenshot overlooking the entire situation? I want to know/see if the airport is embedded into the ground, or the scenery/3d terrain is incorrect, meaning we (as airport editors) can’t do anything.

I can’t view this myself as this moment for several hours as I am mid-flight on my device.

The airport height is the same height in game as it is the real world. I think this is a scenery issue.

Looks like the 3D terrain is incorrect.
Anyway, this airport can provide lots fun for the people who like to challenge themself.

Oh, I saw a video about this. I saw a video where the gear failed and an aircraft had to make an emergency landing into Milford Sound.

This has been reiterated several times: it’s a scenery issue. The airport is at its correct elevation.


Cool that you fly the Citation though ✊
I fly it very often, too :)

Please refer to the highlighted post.

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