Short 777-300er flights

Emirates operated a flight from Lusaka (FLKK) to Harare (FVRG) and vice versa with a B77W. It’s about an hour. I think they’ll reopen the route at some point.

Kuwait-Dubai is around an hour with Emirates

URSS-UUEE or UUEE-URSS on Aeroflot
LLBG-LTFM or LTFM - LLBG. on Turkish


Around 2 hours

British Airways B777-300ER

Delhi to mumbai
VIDP-VABB in Air India 777-300er (if you have BETA)

I win, Dubai to Muscat is a 77W/A380. Flight time: 30-40 minutes.

shoot. I put Kuwait instead of muscat lol

LTAC-LTFM, Turkish 77W. Around 40 minutes, it’s a busy route, and once a day operated by the 77W.

CYYZ-CYVR. It is about 2-3 hours. It was operated by the Air Canada 777-300ER but was replaced by the 787s during the pandemic. And the 777-300ERs were used for cargo.

Qatar Airways, Emirates & Kuwait Airways fly a lot of short B77W flights.



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