Shoreham air disaster AAIB report

The AAIB (UK NTSB) has published it’s final report on the G-BXFI Hawker Hunter jet that crashed into the A27 at Shoreham airshow last year performing a aerobatic maneuver, killing 11 people and injuring many more, including the pilot.

The headlines (I really recommend you read the report though, it’s really interesting and in depth, and has an animation at the end also):

  • The overall cause of the accident was pilot error.
  • The pilot initiated the aerobatic maneuver (a bent loop) too low, at too low of a speed and without using full thrust, all of which are required for it’s safe operation
  • The pilot did have a chance to abort the maneuver at it’s peak, however he failed to recognise any problems and continued
  • The aircraft had several defects and exceedances of it’s operational limits, one of which meaning it could not be considered airworthy, breaching its permit to fly. This, however, was not deemed to have contributed to the accident.
  • The pilot had neither trained or practised escape maneuvers in the Hunter, which may had meant the maneuver be aborted and the accident prevented
  • The pilot may have been confused with the procedures for a bent loop for a Jet Provost, another aircraft he flew, as the height and altitude he entered the maneuver were around correct for that aircraft

The AAIB animation of the accident:

Footage of the accident- not graphic but a fatal accident, please use discretion


Finally! An explanation as to why the crash happened!

Many of the difficulties came from not brilliant radar coverage, and the fact that the pilot could not remember anything about the crash (it appears he gained a head injury in the crash)

A sad day for anyone who’s ever flown and displayed historic military aircraft. (including the Hunter which I was privileged to fly)

Confusion of type is a common occurrence for those of us who have had multiple types on licence however, as a friend of the pilot involved, I am still shocked and surprised that this would be him.

Now is the start of a very long and very stressful legal battle. My condolences to the families involved.


So let me get this straight. Did he forget everything like who he was, how to fly a plane and so on or did he forget only the accident?

Whaaa…? You, know the pilot involved in the Shorebam Accident?

Read the report, he flew the Hunter and the Jet Provost (Strikemaster), according to the report he entered the maneuver with the correct parameters for the JP, not the Hunter which is heavier and faster.

Yes, I know him, he’s a friend.


He forgot the events leading up the incident definitely after the crash, not sure about the rest.

@Yuan_Tugo that’s really interesting. Obviously there’s stuff you’re not gonna want to put on the public forum, but what can you say about how he feels now (if there’s anything you think is appropriate to say)?


You didn’t get my point about the did he forget everything part. Anyways, @IceBlue covered that part. :-)

I’m sure you’ll understand when I say that I am not at liberty to discuss such things on an open and public forum. Sorry.


Sorry, yep, misread your question.


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