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Hi team,

So a fairly experienced player here, but also have quite a bit of real world experience I am trying to emulate and was wondering if anyone could shoot through some advice on a few ‘bug bears’ I’ve come across while playing?

Engine Start Up
Not of a huge importance, but any way to slow this down? Usually engine start takes anywhere from 70-110 seconds per engine, rather than the ‘tap and go’ button’s we have at the moment that seem to only take around 20 seconds?

Calculating TOGA
Has anyone got any experience or tools to use for inputting aircraft type, weight, runway length and airport altitude / temperature etc to calculate N1 power for takeoff? At the moment its alot of effort to do it manually and I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to look for a simpler solution…

On most jet aircraft when flying, rather than the button we have in the app - the speedbrakes are activated by variable lever in the air to apply the airbrakes at varying strength which gives greater control over speed especially in descent. In the app I often find myself sitting with the airbrakes deployed for minutes at at time which isn’t very realistic and something I’m trying to avoid.

Difficult ATC
One thing I enjoy is doing long flights that end up in places like LAX which usually have a fairly busy airspace. Often though I find it takes 4-5 attempts to actually land with ATC clearing me to land and then just sending off departing aircraft on the same runway as if there are no arrivals. Is there any polite way to say “hey it’d be swell if you didn’t direct an aircraft into my path” after I’ve already had to make the call a couple of times to go-around.

4 light PAPI
Most of the places I fly are Cat 3b certified (IRL), but in the app have some pretty varying results of PAPI (some with none and some with only 2 light PAPI) and it’d be great to know if/where the 4 light PAPI’s are in the app?

So yeah, just a few questions I’m sure aren’t new but from a fairly quick check couldn’t see much around on those topics for an easy answer - any help is much appreciated!

Happy landings :)


I’m afraid I can’t comment on any of the other points, but I might be able to shed some light on this one.

You mentioned that KLAX is usually active; does this mean that you’re flying on Training server? If so, I would suggest flying on expert. I can assure you that if you fly on Expert, the highly trained IFATC controllers would never allow this to happen to you.


Well, as an airport editor, we do add papis, but usually they only show up as 2 because of the rendering of the airport into the game, but all airports redone should have the correct lights/markings on the runways and taxiways.

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Before I write anything, your post is probably the best post from a new member I have seen in a looong time. If only everyone’s were like this…

  1. The engine startup time is indeed too fast, especially on long-haulers. I am currently working on a document which compares flap deployment speeds for different aircraft from Infinite Flight and real-life (as I am sure you might have noticed, the flap deployment speeds are more than twice as quick on most aircraft in Infinite Flight). When it’s finished, the developers will have more data about the deployment speeds and hopefully something gets done about it. Unfortunately, I do not really have the time at the moment to make a similar document with engine spool-up times, hence if anyone wants to pick this up and then post it in #support, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have not been able to find an N1 calculator (which is accurate) since my time with Infinite Flight. That being said, I do not find it necessary. If you head over to SimBrief, it will calculate V1, Vr and V2 for you, which could be useful when “guesstimating” the N1. So, for example, if you’re in an A320 and the Vr is at 147kts at Flap 2 (meaning the aircraft is pretty heavy), N1 would be north of 90%. I understand it’s not exactly what you were looking for, but as a rule of thumb, I use 80%-90% N1 on light loads and 90%-95% on heavy loads, regardless of aircraft. I think you will be able to predict the N1s after you get some experience flying the aircraft in Infinite Flight.

  3. Unfortunately, at this time Infinite Flight does not support different “strengths” of speed brakes during flight. So the only options available at the moment are OFF, FLIGHT and ARMED. Here is a feature request which asks for this feature to be added. Consider clicking “VOTE” to show your support for this idea, so it could be introduced to Infinite Flight quicker. Manually Operate the Spoilers.

  4. I believe you are flying on the Training Server (as KLAX isn’t usually active on Expert). If you are serious about Infinite Flight and want to strive for “realism” (as you seem like you are), I suggest flying on the Expert Server. Individuals are trained and tested before they can become ATCs on the Expert Server (so the quality of ATCing is much greater). You need to be Grade 3 to access it.

  5. Check out @Jens_Severin’s answer to your 5th question above.

If you still have any more questions or I haven’t explained things clearly enough, post down below and we will try our best to help you.

Welcome to the forum! :)


In regards to calculating V speeds, there’s an Infinite Flight add-on app called Infinite Flight assistant. You load up the game, set flaps for takeoff, go back to the app, and select “auto fill” and it will set your V speeds for you (with callouts on the runway as you takeoff). Keep in mind the app has to be in the background the whole flight for it to make callouts and calculations. However, the app is $5 alone but you do get many more things with it. I definitely recommend getting it.

Unfortunately there’s currently no in-game way to do it - although I wish there was. Anyway, if you’re really interested in calculating V speeds I definitely recommend Infinite Flight Assistant.

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I always land on the less busy runways at lax and never have issues

Awesome, thanks everyone it’s kind of as I thought and guess I’ll just wait for some more developments :). I spend most of my time on the expert server, but it can certainly get lonely up in those skies…


Just to add on, we are very aware of the few things you’ve mentioned, and thanks for bringing them to our attention again. It lets us know we need to look into them further when our community mentions it.

There are good reasons why we don’t have most of the things, usually a mixture of historic code and older aircraft. Using the example of flights spoilers, we could add a one size fits all functionality for variable levels across all aircraft, but to do it properly would take a lot of time and be done one by one.

We have many priorities and occasionally we need to prioritise things as we’re a small team, especially with the development of aircraft in the past. Rest assured, in the near future we’d love to be able to add everything you mentioned very easily as we ramp up aircraft quality.



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