Shopping for a Ground School

I follow Steveo1Kinevo’s YouTube channel and have also been watching Jason Schappert’s youtube flight instruction videos. Jason has an online ground school that seems to be pretty cool, and I’m curious to know if anyone in the community has gone through this school or is currently enrolled. I know Cessna has a similar school and I’m at a bit of cross road as to which way to go.

I would like to get my ground school done and written test complete before I start flying for my PPL. Any additional school recommendations are appreciated.

Rob O

I’m looking into these sites, since I want to start ground school sometime soon. Jason’s flight school looks really cool!

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Many local airports have flight school. It depends on what you are looking for (PPL or Commercial) and where you live.

I have used for my PPL, IFR, and CSEL. I’ll be honest, they’re not the most exciting videos, but they’re filled with information and have helped me pass every knowledge test. If you have any more questions let me know!

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